HELLO! Watch this space for information about the next Kitty Devine and the Big Whoop show.


KD 20131206b

If you’re in Chicago, or wherever they are, see this band. Solid and poetic rock music. Original work that cuts across the same lines as Patti Smith and X. A sense of roots, but contemporary and not derivative. Mere radio rock or rehashed pop music-not at all. These are the core elements of universal creation: guitar, bass, piano, drums, and vocals. Kitty Devine twists, bends, breaks past models in favor of passionate and true passages of bread-basket rock that has real edge, unequivocal musical sense, and opens veins as needed. Imaginative, fun, and precise. Stories worth telling. Mature themes for a discriminating audience. A sense of discovery and fire, but never pretentious. The real thing…Kitty Devine.

KD 4th Friday 20150712a

Kitty Devine and the Big Whoop closes the night at Lizard’s Liquid Lounge, Chicago.

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